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What makes you different?

My commitment is unfailingly to your clients. As a former journalist, I have refined my ability to be objective and quickly assess situations. I'm going to provide honest, constructive feedback on your work in a way that encourages and inspires you to achieve more. Having worked with hundreds of business owners and more than a thousand college students, I have learned how to deliver messages on writing and other topics with finesse and tact. In all cases, I will work with you to deliver tailor-made solutions that resonate with your specific audience and goals. I'm not just your partner; I am your brand's advocate and storyteller.

I have a marketing department. Why engage you?

The marketing folks may argue (which only proves the point more); however, marketing departments tend to fall into a "groupthink" approach. Thinking the same way or using confirmation bias to make decisions can cripple the best communications. My work should never be seen as a threat. I can help you become more successful at engaging customers by providing the outside perspective and new approaches; For example, a book written specifically for marketing, that your marketing team may discourage, knowing they might struggle in executing it.

How do you measure success?

Sales, sales, sales. When you become more in tune with your customers and their situations, you will see more sales. It's that simple.

What's your process?

I help authors clarify their vision and their audience; craft an outline; identify and compress their anecdotes and examples; draft the pages section by section; review and help them revise; edit and proofread the manuscript; and print and publish the manuscript. In addition, for some authors, I help market and promote their book to target audiences.

When I am helping companies with their communications, I meet with key players to identify objectives and approaches. Then I talk to customers, prospects and other stakeholders to evaluate messaging and to identify areas to consider moving forward.

Do I need more than an idea for a book?

Absolutely not. You don't even need much of an idea. I have drawn books from the most unlikely of writers. I have worked with authors in every phase of the book creation process -- from concept to outlining, first draft to printing. What helps most is to have a good idea of what you want to say, who you want to say it to and why they should care. If you don't know all that, I am skilled at helping you.

What would I do with a book I write?

Four big things, not to mention the incredible joy that comes from seeing your thoughts and ideas in a form that can outlast you.

First, putting your ideas to paper clarifies them for you and others who read the book. Second, it's a great touch point with your clients, who, if invited, might share a copy with friends, meaning easy referrals. Third, nothing separates you from your competitors better than sending prospects an autographed book reinforcing your ideas.

Fourth, the best -- absolute best -- business card is a book you write and sign. Few people can discard a book with the author's autograph. Even better, people like to place these books in prominent locations in their offices and homes, which gives you access to everyone who visits as potential clients.